Things September 2018: Disney, Star Wars, Optimisation and Motivation

Disney Live Action With the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast surpassing expectations, and the trend of Disney live-action remakes continuing ever-onwards, I wondered how well these films were performing at the box office compared to the animated originals. I think the fairest comparison is the US box office (as global distribution can vary […]


Things December 2015: Star Wars Special

As you may recall from Things 43, I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan. So in terms of Things I found interesting in December, there was really only one. If you hate Star Wars I’ve got one other Thing for you below, a bit more music, and then it’s wall-to-wall Space Opera. I’ll save […]


Things 43: Indian Superman, Pub Quiz Physics, Star Wars Collection

(Originally sent March 2009) Video The joy of cultural differences – Indian Superman (sound essential for when they get to the musical number): (Note that their superman does not wear red pants on the outside – clearly they thought that would just be silly) Link A link to the non-text bit of another video, also […]


Things 2024 Q1: Dancing, Temp tracks, Creativity

LEGO is doing okay This nice visualisation of LEGO group annual revenue shows that after a lull in the late 2010’s, there has been incredible growth since 2020 – presumably somewhat assisted by pandemic lockdowns? As someone who enjoys LEGO but is running out of storage space, I’ve been trying out BrickBorrow for the last […]