Things 1: Chintz, Time Travel, Human Tetris

(Originally sent in November 2007)

I like the culture of sharing interesting things by email, but my obsessive nature makes me want to formalise the process. So here is the first edition of what may become a weekly thing. [My obsessive nature later drove me to create this blog in order to document historic ‘Things’ emails; these will now be republished here on Tuesdays – metatim, 25/03/10]

This week’s film – one line review:
American Gangster was an amazing story very well put together, that just fell a little short of being a true classic.

Next week’s film:
Sleuth (2007)
Imdb rating: 7.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes rating (summary of critics’ reviews): 33%

Sleuth Trailer:

[I originally linked to wherever I had found a trailer – now I’m posting on a blog I’m embedding whichever seems like the most canonical YouTube video – metatim, 25,03/10]

Prognosis: Looks like a bad version of a good story.

A Puzzle:
The following words all share a certain property:
Almost, Biopsy, Chintz

Can you find a number with that property?

A Quote:
From when I was about 14:

Me: “Wow! I feel like I’m going faster than I really am!”
My sister: “You are!”

A Link:
Cat and Girl is a very intelligent comic about hipsters, literature, life and science. Here’s one of my favourite ones:
[archive has been recombobulated, here’s the new link – metatim, 25/03/10]

A video:
From the great tradition of Ridiculous Japanese Game Shows:

[original video removed – here’s an alternative – metatim, 25/03/10]
[replacement video removed – here’s another alternative – metatim, 22/11/12]
[replacement video removed – here’s another alternative – metatim, 06/12/13]

[Keeping up with takedowns clearly futile, so try searching like this – metatim, 02/08/15]

A picture:

No Things About Potatoes

In November 2007, I started sending out a weekly email called “Things”, which contained links to things I found interesting on the internet that week.

In March 2010, I created this blog in order to record historic Things and post new ones.

The question of what to call the blog was a difficult one – clearly “Things” is not particularly memorable, googleable, or unique, so would have to change. One day my good friend Clare, exasperated by terrible internet advertising, remarked:

“They’re like, ‘I see that you’re interested in potatoes. Why not visit my website,'”

Well, that’s a good name, and Things is almost entirely not about potatoes, so I asked if I could use it, and she very kindly said yes. Although .com seemed like overkill, so here we are, at*, where old issues of Things will go up on Tuesdays and new ones on Fridays. Enjoy!

*Cannot guarantee 100% potato-free

Things I found on the internet. Cannot guarantee 100% potato-free.